More than 20 Short Courses Offer CEAHP

Short Programs offers more than 40 courses in one to five day sessions. These intensive courses combine breakthrough research with insights from health industry, government, and academic participants. These courses sharpen each participant's ability to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Learning Opportunities

Courses are designed to allow participants to absorb working knowledge fast. Classes may involve lectures, discussions, readings, interactive problem-solving, or laboratory work. Participants learn from leading faculty and collaborate with peers.
All participants can leave Short Programs with new career tools and insights about the impact of evolving knowledge and skills.


Short Programs, founded as the CEU's for RMTs' and then called the Continue Education Academy for Health Professionals. Recent students have come from other health Professions such as Physiotherapists , Chiropractors, Nurses, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Acupuncturists, Osteopathy Practitioners , PS Workers and etc.


On-Site Option

Some courses offered by Short Programs can be run at company sites for groups of 10 or more or may be part of a Custom Program, taught on campus or an organization's site, to meet company needs.




CMTO Interjurisdictional Competencies-based MCQ Content Outline




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All of our courses are held January to November. The 2016 schedule is currently in development; please sign up for email updates to recieve notification of registration dates.


New for 2016

Neuromuscular Therapy B

Standards of Practice of Massage Therapy as a Guidance to Maintaining Professional Boundaries and Making Ethical Decisions A

Kinetic Chain Anatomy and Patient Assessment B

Treatment Plan Modeling and Analysis A
OSCE Preparation Course (Review and Practice by Stations A
Remedial Exercise/Self Care: The participants will be trained to perform specific therapeutic exercises and home-care to the client. A
Client Health History Interview: The participants will be trained to obtain a relevant case history by conducting a client interview. A
Assessment 1: The participants will be trained to demonstrate their ability to perform specific assessment techniques (e.g. palpation, range of motion, neurological, orthopedic testing, etc.) A
Assessment 2: The participants will be trained to conduct an assessment to determine the nature of the client's presenting dysfunction. A
Treatment Plan/Consent Interview: The participants will be trained to interact with the client to explain their treatment plan for initial and on-going treatment, and obtain informed consent. A
Treatment: The participants will be trained to perform a focused massage therapy treatment, given the presenting case history and assessment findings. A
Techniques: The participants will be trained to demonstrate their ability to perform specific massage therapy techniques on specific anatomical structures. A
Chinese Acupressure (CA) and Acupuncture Common Grounds C
Basic Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) » C
Diagnostics of TGM and Acupressure » C
Meridians, Organs, Points. Identification of Acupuncture Points » C
Needling Methods and Moxibustion » C
Tui Na C
Locomotor Disorders-Diseases of Tissues, Muscles, Bones and Joints. Principles of Treatment in Acupuncture. B
Methods of Recuperation and Prevention of Disease, Protection and Cleansing C
Advanced Joint Manipulation Advanced Joint Manipulation C
Osteopathy Roots and Structural Assessment C
Visceral Osteopathy C
Craniosacral Osteopathy C
Advanced Joint Manipulation C
Hot Stone Massage A
Cupping Therapy B
PLAR Workshop Case Study D

PLAR Exam Preparation Course D



Payments Category:


Course Category A - $250.00




Course Category B - $350.00




Course Category C - $450.00




Course Category D - $2,500.00




PACKAGE OPTION E - $4,500.00